Bubble Monsters

During my Professional License degree, I attended a training course as a Game and Level Designer. In 5 months I worked on 4 projects to Royal Cactus : a company specialized in the edition of Facebook games. Bubble Monsters was one of them.

My typical day : Play to other bubble games and analyses the features, the monetization and the virality. redaction of the GDD with word : definition of features, realization of the gameflow diagram, definition of the gameplay loops, realization of boards with all the components of gameplay bricks (bonus, monsters/malus effects, monetization, levels, etc.). After that, I designed the different levels with the tools and tested them. The team finished the day by a short meeting to communicate any problems, to comment the Game Design, sometimes played levels and exchange ideas. 

Bubble Monsters is a Bubble game in which the player must make sets of at least 3 balls and achieve a minimum score for a star in order to advance  to the next level.

Development Time : 4 months on my trainee, however, it continues

My job on this game : Game Designer/Level Designer

  • Main tasks :
    • Redaction of Game Design Document
    • Definitions of the features, including those for monetization, retention and virality.
    • Analysis of other games to compare them to Bubble Monster
    • Design of Levels and settings