I Was A Child

“I Was a Child” is my Master’s Degree Final project. The game tells the story of Liya, a young girl who evolves in a civil war context and how she becomes a child soldier.

The prototype was developed from October 2014 to March 2015, in pre-prod conditions. It was created with Unreal engine, thanks to a team of 8 cool people.

Communication and teamwork has been really important during this project. That was professional like conditions : all the team worked in 2 weeks sprints, everyday we performed our assigned tasks by consulting the scrumboard, etc. As Game Designer, I exchange many ideas and proposals with the team, and all the team ideas participate to create the final game Design. That was the biggest team with wich I worked.

My job in the project : Game Designer/Level Designer

  • Main tasks :
    • Definition of gameplay experiences, main features and the structure of the scenario
    • Realisation of many diagrams
    • Writing a part of the Game Design Document (in english)
    • Communication with other team members
    • Teamwork.

“I Was a Child” was nominated in the Yourope Game Challenge and the “Trophée FLIP”, and participated in  the Game For Change yourope conferences.